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Multi wheel roulette, how does it work?

Multi wheel roulette, how does it work?


This European-style game works in the same way as normal roulette except that it has up to eight spinning wheels, which give players a greater chance to win. You place a bet on as many wheels as you like but the more you bet, the greater the anticipation and excitement. The difference with normal roulette is that there is one betting table but each bet is multiplied by the number of wheels enabled, so if you put down $5 on black, you will in effect be betting $40 on black, because it’s across each of the eight wheels. With multiple wagers and multiple payouts it’s tempting to bet big but you should bet smaller than on a normal roulette wheel.

Multi wheel roulette caters to all bankrolls and players can enable or disable any of the wheels until they are happy with the amount they are playing on. After placing bets and clicking the spin button all the wheels turn simultaneously until they stop and generate the winning numbers but each roulette wheel will produce an independent result and this gives you eight different numbers and therefore eight different results for your one set of bets.

This online version of the game is available in German and has clear graphics and superior sound which makes it a popular casino game to play.

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